6-Week Virtual Master Class
Create Product Now!
6-Week Virtual 
Master Class
 Limited Seating
Imagine...Never Giving a Free Speech Again!
(Even if you've never been paid before)
Want to help people get what they want while turning your free speech into profit? 

Picture yourself walking off stage and seeing people running towards you with cash or credit cards in hand.

Better yet, imagine waking up, turning on your computer, and finding that someone had invested in one of your programs while you were sleeping!

If you're a coach or an expert speaker, this could be the most important web page you've ever read. If you're a seasoned speaker looking for quick multiple streams of income, this could be the answer you're looking for.
Turning free speeches into income and earning while you sleep is not a "maybe-next-year" dream. 
It could be next month!
It took less time than that for many speakers who have gone through this program.

It's closer than you think. It's simple to do, and this program has helped many speakers do just that, even though they had never been paid before. This is commonplace at my office, but it would be impossible without having a product. It all started with my first cassette back in 1998.
Here is the Problem.
Most emerging speakers, even seasoned speakers, undervalue their experience, so they never get started and invest time to create product. They don’t think they have enough value. If that is you, you're not alone. That is a normal thought that many speakers have, but rarely admit. I felt exactly like that when I started back in 1994.

Even experienced speakers take for granted what they do know. What you know and understand is valuable to people who are just starting out in your area of expertise. What you know is one of your biggest assets!
This Is a Program Like No Other
This Program Will Help You with the Following:
  • Profit from product by next week
  • Never speak for free again
  • Avoid the mistakes I made
  •  Boost your confidence
  •  Have a stream of income that markets you!
  •  Duplicate your time and help more people!
 Watch Video and See What You'll Get
Do you have ideas but never do anything with them? Do you just think about them? This program will give you the steps and the inspiration to do more than think; you will be able to get it done. I Darrentee it. When you are done, like many others, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long! During this 6-Week Virtual Master Class, Darren will also keep you accountable. We all need accountability.

"I am now a full-time, professional speaker. I believe...

seeing my first product was a big step in helping me get here. I had been talking about creating a CD for 20 years. I followed Darren’s teaching and did it in three days."

-Guy Burns, President, Success & Beyond 
If you want to be a professional and get paid, start taking deliberate 
steps towards your goal.
 Having your first CD or MP3 will be a crucial next step to building your confidence while increasing your profits and helping people! It is better than a business card, and people will pay you for it. There simply is no more quick, ethical, or legal way to earn money in this business. Period.

"A CD (audio program) is the easiest and fastest product to create.  

It should be the first thing a speaker does. It gave me back of the room sales right away . . . ” 

-Jodi Santangelo, Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Show me any successful speaker with a viable business...
...and I guarantee they have some kind of product or learning tool. They too started with just one. It is part of this business and is easier than you think to begin. If having a CD program is a crucial element of success and you are serious about your career and helping people, you must start now.

"This program got me moving...

..on production and showed me how manageable the process can be! This is an extremely valuable tool for anyone wanting to produce a product."

-Daniel Moirao, Ed.D.
Wondering what you would talk about? Perfect!
You'll get content-rich formula to help guide you on your first project. This will make it simple for you.

"It was my first CD, and I had no idea it was so easy!  

He (Darren) demystified the process, which I thought was known only to seasoned superstar pros. He made me realize, I can do this! I WILL do this! So, I did it." 

-Maureen Zappala, Professional Speaker
Think about all the free speeches you have ever given. 
What if you earned just an average of $1 per person in your audience? Figure out what that number would be, and then multiply it by ten. An experienced speaker and many beginners can easily earn $10 per person on average. That is if you understand what to do. 

When Maureen Zappala was an emerging speaker, she went through this program and decided to jump in and create her first CD. She actually created a three-CD set before her next free presentation. She spoke for free to 100 people and left with $900. That average is $9 per person, but she left that program with much more than $900. She left with belief in herself. She also left knowing she could now turn every free speech into income while helping people at the same time. There are many factors, but this is her story. What's yours?
"It took me two weeks to create from start to finish. It's been selling on my website passively for over a year, and I’ve made more than $10,000 from it."

-Erin Pavlina, Author
* Results not typical. Erin did already have a thriving business when she started learning from Darren and a huge list of followers. Having a product of her own allowed her to help more people and create a new stream of income from the wisdom and experience she already had. 
Whether it takes you two weeks like Erin or three days like Guy, wouldn’t you be better off having your own program? It's a marketing stream that pays you. Think about it. People pay for the program. Using your CD program, people will learn about your speaking and other services. If they like what you do and how you do it, they'll want more. They will also recommend you to friends and colleagues. My speeches sell my products, and my products get me bookings. It is better than the circle of life because no one has to die, and your time is multiplied.
There has never been a better time in history
to create your own MP3 Program.
It is easier and faster to do than ever before. When I started over a decade ago, it was tedious and expensive, and I needed to hire costly professionals to help. Now, most of the process can be done on any standard computer. I love how easy it is to do right on my laptop! I’ve been perfecting my process since I started with my first product in 1998. Product is now 2/3 of my income, and I have more than 30 products. You are only weeks away. Even if it takes you a month, your confidence and income potential will be higher than ever.
Nothing will change until you decide you're serious.
Darren's 7-Step Process Will Guide You
Build your belief. Help people. Earn money. All from free speeches. You will get my “24 Magic Interview Questions” that will lead you to your own value.

“I can honestly say without reservation... 

...that if you're even slightly considering producing a CD, you should run out and purchase this program right away! The best part is that he lights a fire underneath you and really motivates you to get it done.”

-Dan Nainan, Comedian / Actor / Voiceover Artist / Computer Expert 
FREE Bonus: Save Your Seat Now & Get the Recordings Too ($497 Value)
You are not wanting to take this master class to laugh & learn. You are attending the master class to get paid to speak and build a strong foundation of your public speaking career! Research shows that within one hour of watching a class, people will have forgotten approximately 50% of the information that was presented to them. Within 24 hours, they will have forgotten nearly 70% of new information and within one week, it increases to 90%. This is why we give you one full year to review the recordings as often as you'd like. Be a sponge. When you rewatch the 6-Week Class with your notes you'll get even more insight every time through!
So, What's My Investment?
Well, Darren invested $5,000 with his mentor to learn how to do this.

What is your time worth? How much money are you leaving on the table every time you present? 

Every time you are in front of an audience your impact is multipliedHow many people are you NOT helping because, even if your audience wants more, they can't take you home with them? What is that costing you and your audience?
 Early Bird Special Ends 
7/6 at 11PM Pacific Time

Aug. 6th to Sept. 10th
(6 Weeks)
Tuesdays at 10AM Pacific Time (75-90 Minutes)

Faculty: Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS

After 7/6: $497 
Now it's $397
Each session will be recorded

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